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Explore these Trinity River corridor activities

Jump Rope and Hoop On the Bridge

On Sat., May 28, bring your game to the Continental Bridge
Individual jump rope, Double Dutch, and basketball will all be in play on this noon-5 p.m. day on the bridge ... MORE

A New Name for a New Century

Coming Saturday, June 4, at 10 a.m.
Please join us as we rename the Continental Bridge after former Dallas Mayor, Ambassador Ron Kirk ...MORE

Fixing Aging Roadways and Bridges

The Horseshoe Project is a $798 million project
The Horseshoe Project started in April, 2013, and is designed to address one of the 17 most congested roadways in Texas ... MORE

After Hours at The Trinity Center

Stop by and learn the latest
On the second Tuesday of each month, drop in at The Trinity Trust for an update on the Trinity River Corridor Project... MORE

Come outside and play!

Things to do on the Continental Bridge
Fitness, entertainment, children's actvities and more await you on the Continental Avenue Bridge and West Dallas Gateway ... MORE

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