Trinity River Commons Foundation
Board of Directors

Robert Witte
Susan Wetzel
    Vice Chairman
Betsy del Monte
    Second Vice Chairman
John Wellik
Jessica Baker

Daron Babcock Jessica Baker
Evan Beattie
Calvin Bluiett
Leland Burk
Janie Bush
Kirsten Castaneda
Mary Ceverha
Rita Cox
Ruben Esquivel
Lois Finkelman
Howard Gilberg
Mike Grace
Bill Hall
Ginger Hardage
Matt Houston
Lee Jackson
Michael Lunceford
Jack Matthews
Bob Meckfessel

Ramon Miguez
Lark Montgomery
Mike Morgan
Alice Murray
Ron Natinsky
David Neumann
Ed Oakley
Anthony Page
Don Raines
Rebecca Rasor
Dev Rastogi
Hilda Rodriguez
Lisa Rogers
Virginia Schaefer
Lisa Sherrod
Marvin Singleton
Pam Stoyanoff
Alan Thomas
Jacob Tindall
Akilah Wallace
Alan Walne
Bill Weinberg
John Wellik
Stanley Whittenberg

Executive Director:
Craig Holcomb

Margaret Jackson

"Let me just say something about this organization: This organization was there when there really wasn't a full program for the Trinity River. Nothing could be done of this magnitude without a huge number of volunteers and supporters in the community. You know, we had to have the second reaffirmation -- a vote of the city -- before we could really go forward, and do the things that we said we were going to do back in 1998."

Kay Bailey Hutchison
U.S. Senator

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