Our Promise

In 1998, a $246 million bond proposal for the Trinity River Corridor Project was approved by Dallas voters.  The key elements of the bond campaign included:
  • flood protection for homes and businesses,
  • thousands of acres of parkland and water amenities for area residents, and
  • a parkway to relieve congestion and improve air quality. 
That is the vision that was approved by Dallas voters ... and the Trinity Commons Foundation promise to Dallas voters is to see to it that their wishes come to fruition.

It's as simple as that.

"When John Neely Bryan first staked his claim on the prairie, he viewed the Trinity River as full of possibility. Surely, it would be possible for steamboats to come from the coast to his new settlement, making Dallas a port town. However, the Trinity's water flow was not dependable. This dream remained for over 130 years, but was only met with varying degrees of failure."

Dallas Historical Society

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